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Johan Peeters
Koen Van Bockstal
Tom Vermeylen

Content & Packing

BULK architects is a polyvalent design practice with experience and interests on various scale-levels, ranging from interior to urban design. In every project BULK reflect on the packing of content. This quest for adequacy, for a proper form of housing the programam is a continous drive. Preferably, content generates appearance and vice versa. Our projects eagerly scrounge experience from each other: a house becomes an industrial machine and an office is conceived as a cosy living room.


BULK are convinced that the best solutions arise from scarcity, whether it be of time, budget or other aspects of our work. We are also convinced that thorough groundwork pays off. The economy of means implies maximising existing conflicts, restrictions and programs into a balanced, yet unknown whole. BULK intend to work and search, unhampered and impudent. To search for bastard forms before typologies, for prototypes and standards. To search for logic and built economy, but also for spatial surprise

More is more

BULK are on the lookout for quality in diverse alleys and variants, in an atmosphere of mutual inspiration and research. Everything in this process is related to everything else. It demands effort, knowledge and a fresh outlook to search for cohesion and spot interesting connections. We try to keep learning from our different projects in order to bring all applications closer to perfection. In a Darwinistic way, evolution and improvement come by natural selection. In this way, BULK intend to combine craft and the culture of making with the ever accelerating reality of building.

Quantity breeds quality.


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